Announcing Dale Hunter Wins “Top 30 Under 30” Electrician Accolade

Dale Hunter is eFixx's "Top 30-Under-30" Electrician Award 2022

Announcing Dale Hunter Wins “Top 30 Under 30” Electrician Accolade for A10 Electrical Solutions. Every year since its inception eFixx has chosen to hold an awards ceremony that helps to celebrate the achievements and abilities of those in the electrical industry.  One such award is the eFixx “Top 30-Under-30” award. It not only helps to recognize and reward the next generation of electrical contractors but helps eFixx champion those individuals capable of achieving success and who are really striving for electrical excellence. 

What really makes those who received this award so special is that they were among the thousands of entries received by eFixx. Not only were the winners able to show their commitment to this industry but also their passion for growing a successful electrical business. 

One such person who was nominated for this award this year (2022) is Dale Hunter the owner of A10 Electrical Solutions Ltd. Here Dale explains what it is like to win the “Top 30 Under 30” Electrician accolade being honoured as a winner of this very prestigious award. He explains more about his passion and interests that have led to him choosing to enjoy a career in the electrical industry. 

So How Did Dale’s Fascination With Electrical Engineering Begin?

It was in his teen years that his interest in electrical engineering first began as he was fascinated to learn more about the way electrical items worked. 

However, before becoming an electrical engineer his career seemed to be on a different path. His first job after leaving school was a bricklayer before then changing career paths. In 2012 he made the move to train as an electrical engineer through an apprenticeship scheme. 

 In the beginning, he worked alongside other electrical engineers and was tasked simply with passing materials and tools to them. The aim of this was to help him to get a better understanding of what each tool was designed to do, and why certain materials were required for certain jobs. 

After being taught the basics he then started to learn about more advanced electrical tasks including how to wire parts of lighting and power socket circuits. From this, he then moved on to learning how to carry out fault finding, which in turn led to him being able to carry out the necessary inspection and testing of electrical systems in properties to provide customers with an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR). 

He spent three years and 10 months as an electrical engineer apprentice before then taking up a position with Purdy Contracts Limited in June 2016. He continued to work for them until he chose to then become self-employed in 2018.  

However, things have since moved on from there, as he chose in 2021 to set up his own electrical engineering business, and A10 Electrical Solutions Limited was born. 

What makes this such an achievement is that he chose to set up his own business right when Covid was in its ascension. He felt the could offer more to those who needed his assistance through his own company rather than continuing to work for others.

What Has Happened Since He Set Up A10 Electrical Solutions Limited?

 Since setting the company up, Dale has worked hard to build a solid reputation for his business and this is clearly shown by him be awarding the 30-Under-30 award for 2022 by eFixx. 

His company is going from strength to strength, is growing the business, increasing the team, and broadening A10’s service area and range of services. Read more about A10 Electrical Solutions. We can help you solve your electrical contracting problems or consult, design, and install a bespoke lighting solution or smart-home system that allows you to enjoy modern electrical features.

Supporting Local Communities
 Dale still likes to make sure that he is very involved with his local community. To this end, he chose to this year by providing funding for a local women’s football team, namely the Wormley Girls Youth U16 team. The sponsorship deal has helped the team in several ways. 
  • Provided full funding for 18 girls on the team for a full season
  • He has supplied the team with new branded kit
  • Funding to allow them to train regularly at a dedicated facility, as well as help cover the cost of pitch fees
  • He has removed any financial worries preventing girls from joining the sport

What Advice Can Dale Give To Those Who Would Like To Follow In His Footsteps?

 Dale is more than happy to provide help and assistance to anyone who is looking to carve a career as an electrical engineer. 

He says that you should never be afraid to ask questions, nor should you ever be afraid to ever stop learning, as this is an industry that continues to evolve. 

Also the opportunity to own your own business is possible, if you are willing to put your mind to it and work hard to achieve your goals. Don’t be put off , as he found in the beginning actually obtaining an apprenticeship was difficult. In fact he had to send out his CV to over 50 companies before he was given the opportunity to train as an electrical engineer. 

If you are willing to commit and work hard, then things will eventually pay off for you as they have for Dale. 

In fact commitment is one of Dale’s strongest attributes, that has helped him to shine out from the others who were also nominated for the 30 under 30 Award.  Already being an entrepreneur, and always having new ideas, as well as looking for new challenges is what has helped to set him apart from others in the industry. 

What Has Being Given The 30-U-30 Award Meant For Dale?

 Dale is proud and honoured to be recognized within his industry.  It has spurred him on to focus on his future plans to grow and expand the business and create opportunities within his local community. 

Since receiving this award it has helped to raise Dale’s business profile even more. As a result of this A10 Electrical Solutions Ltd is going from strength to strength in what is a very competitive industry. 

Through this award he is able to clearly show to his many clients that his is a business that can be trusted. The award also shows that this is a company that produces great work and so help to improve the lives of not only their customers but those in his local community. 

Also, after receiving such an accolade he has spurred Dale on to do much more that will improve and be beneficial to the electrical industry. 

If you are at all interested in learning more about what Dale and his company A10 Electrical Solutions Ltd have to offer, then please contact them by calling or clicking on the link provided.

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