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10 Reasons To Switch To LED Lights Immediately

Since the electricity cost has risen substantially in recent months, we are often looking for ways to help reduce these costs. 

If you are looking for ways to reduce how much electricity you use in your home, consider replacing the current bulbs that you use to light your home with LED ones. 

It may surprise you to learn that, on average, a UK home has around 34 light bulbs, each using energy, which adds to your electricity bill. 

Turning lights off is a great way to save money, but it isn´t convenient. 

This article will explain why you should switch to LED lights. 

10 Reasons You Should Switch To LED Lights 

In any home, no matter the size, any switches you make will save you money, time, and stress. 

A switch to replacing CFL-type bulbs with LED bulbs is something you should be doing regularly. 

Below are a few reasons why replacing your current light bulbs with LED ones is a great idea. 

1. They Last Longer

There are many benefits to be gained from choosing to switch over to LED bulbs. The biggest of them is that they last longer than conventional incandescent ones. 

Often you´ll find with traditional lights bulbs, changing them proves difficult as they tend to blow at inopportune moments. However, this is not the case with LED light bulbs, which last much longer. 

2. Cost Less To Run 

You will find that these types of lights are much more energy efficient, so they will end up saving you money over the time they are in use. 

If you switch over all traditional bulbs in your home to LED ones, you will immediately see your energy costs begin to fall. 

However, they are a little more expensive than traditional light bulbs, and you will find that the money you save is quickly reimbursed. 

3. A Lot More Lighting Options 

These types of lights come in various colours and in different bulb shapes. There are even some that you can, through remote control, change the colour of the light output. 

When it comes to traditional incandescent bulbs, these are only available in just one colour. Whereas you can change the look of a room simply with the flick of a switch or pressing a button. 

4. These Lights Are More Durable 

Not only do they have a longer lifespan, but you will also find that energy-saving LED lights are much more durable. 

Regular incandescent lights are delicate, and the lightest tap could cause the filament inside to become loose. They then become unusable. 

All LED lights are a lot more reliable and can withstand any kind of accident or damage that may occur in a busy home. 

Even if you knock over a lamp accidentally, you will find that there isn´t any need to replace the bulb in this light fitting. 

5. They Light Up Straightaway!

There isn´t anything worse on a cold winter’s morning to be heading out the door, and you can´t find your keys. You head back towards the kitchen to see if you have left them there. But as soon as you hit the light switch, nothing happens; you are waiting for the light to come on. 

This isn´t the case if you choose to fit LED lights in your home. As soon as you hit the light switch, the LED lights begin to shine brightly straightaway. 

This is why replacing your current traditional light bulbs with LED ones is crucial. You should especially replace the traditional lighting in areas of your home that most people move through or use. 

6. Fewer Fixtures May Be Needed 

When it comes to light distribution, you will find that the quality produced by any LED light fixture is much better than that of traditional lights. 

Fixtures with energy-saving  LED lights can direct the white light in different beam directions. So allowing you to use them for different applications, such as task lighting. 

As a result, you may find that you won´t need to use as many fixtures when replacing traditional lights with LED ones. 

7. They Are Completely Silent 

Most lights in your home use a magnetic ballast to help them produce light. Still, unfortunately, they also operate at a sound level of 60 hertz. Often you will hear conventional lights giving off a kind of buzzing sound. 

Whereas, when it comes to LED lights, they do not produce any kind of sound. It makes them more enjoyable to be around, but you will find that they cause less of a distraction even when on for several hours per day. 

8. Are Much Safer 

Even if the average LED light converts less energy into heat, it will remain pretty cool when turned on compared to halogen bulbs. So the risk of someone burning themselves on these should they touch them by accident is significantly reduced. 

This means that the risk of such lights causing a fire is also significantly reduced. So if your child cannot sleep at night without a light on, then getting a lamp fitted with an LED bulb is a great idea. 

9. Are Better For Your Health 

Not only do these types not flicker, but the chances of them causing you to suffer from headaches are reduced, which may occur when you have fluorescent lighting in your home. You will also find that these lights can mimic natural light more effectively. 

Research carried out shows that when exposed to natural light, it helps to promote a regular healthy circadian rhythm. In turn, you will find that this helps you to sleep better at night. 

When you begin to sleep better, you´ll find that the levels of stress and anxiety you may be feeling are significantly reduced. 

10. Better For Dimming 

With a LED light that you can dim, you will find that it continues to retain its actual colour. Whereas with traditional lights that you can dim, they will often turn a more yellow colour. 

Why Are LEDs Better For The Environment?

Unlike the energy-saving bulbs you may have been using up until now, when it comes to energy-saving LED lights are environmentally friendly. 

The reasons for them being better for the environment are as follows:

  1. They do not contain any harmful toxic mercury vapour
  2. Most are now made using 100% recyclable materials, so even when they eventually stop working, they won´t end up in landfill sites
  3. As LED lights last longer, costs are being saved concerning the manufacturing, packaging, transportation and maintenance of such items. In turn, this means that the carbon footprint for creating such lights is much lower, which is better for the environment. 

LED Lights Are The Future

Every year, millions of pounds are spent researching and developing new LED products. All of this helps to produce lights so that their energy consumption is reduced and better for the environment. 

Even now, they are coming up with a new range of LED lights that will help provide your home with sufficient illumination whilst also helping to keep energy bills down.

If you are thinking about making the switch but are still unsure where to begin, then why not call us a call. Here at A10 Electrical Solutions Ltd, we are happy to advise you or answer any questions you may have.